Elenora Bello Paranormal Mystery #2

A maternity leave cut short by a supernatural murder? Check.
Three death-obsessed, departed suspects? Check.
Juggling a vengeful spirit and a teething baby? In progress…

Psychic social worker Elenora Bello recently gave birth and helped vanquish the nefarious spirit of a centuries-old killer. Now, all she wants to do is enjoy her baby girl and catch up on much-needed sleep, without soul-crushing premonitions or murderers. Is that really so much to ask? Apparently, yes.

When a construction worker suspiciously dies while renovating a condemned Victorian house, Elenora is called in to read the place, which is rumored to be haunted.

By digging into the house’s previous owners—among which are a satanic cult leader, a medium, and a postmortem photographer—Elenora must figure out what happened in the heavily wallpapered mansion before the malevolent ghost takes another life.

Contains: a formerly reluctant psychic growing into surprising abilities, more sassy witches, creepy bits, a truckload of twists, colorful language, and an emotional ending.

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