Shade of Evil


Title: Shade of Evil
Release Date: September 2020
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Pages: 52

A map drawn in blood found under the floor of an old house…

A derelict cabin deep in the forest…
A gruesome local tale…
Will four intrepid teenagers come out of the woods unscathed?
Shade of Evil tells the story of detective Pierre Deveraux’s first brush with the paranormal as a young teen. Pierre appears in the first novel in the Elenora Bello series of paranormal mysteries.Shade of Evil can be read as a stand-alone short story.

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“This is an intriguing short story with four teenage boys and a spooky event from the town’s past and present. Without giving the story away I’ll say the author does a great job building the story with vividly painted scenes and had me glued to the pages with this paranormal mystery. It’s an interesting quick read that has me looking forward to more from this author.” Brenda Moser, ARC reader on Goodreads

“This is an interesting story with a nice twist. Creepy without being too creepy.” Marissa Goetschel on Goodreads

“This is a well-written book that had me intrigued I could not stop reading it. The storyline is well developed as well as the characters are. The book is macabre and definitely believable if you believe in the paranormal. I only have one problem I really want to know if Pierre’s hypothesis is correct. I highly recommend this ghastly paranormal book.” Blackeagle, reader on Amazon