Humorous Coming-of-Age Novel

Senior year was supposed to be fabulous for popular high school girl Ella Briggs—a year filled with dating, shopping, and partying, with a kick-ass prom at the end. If only her dad understood this! Instead, when offered the job of a lifetime, he uproots his city-loving daughter and drags her kicking and screaming to an isolated Inuit town near the North Pole—a frozen land of snowmobiles and whale blubber.

At her new school, Ella is befriended by Sera, the queen bee of Agloolik High, and life appears pretty sweet again. That is, until Sera turns on Ella over a misunderstanding about Henry, a handsome fellow student. Hell-bent on making Ella miserable, Sera bullies her and challenges her to a series of winter games, for which Ella is completely inept. Despite sub-zero chances of winning and a very high risk of looking like a total loser in front of the entire town, fiery Ella still takes her on.

Will training with the lovely Henry teach the hopeless urban girl—who can barely boil water—enough Arctic skills to beat savvy and athletic Sera for good?

Igloo High is a fish-out-of-water story about finding oneself, friendship, and love in surprising places.



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